Install Latest Version of Node.js on Ubuntu or WSL 2

Install Latest Version of Node.js on Ubuntu or WSL 2

There are many ways to install Node.js on linux.

One way is installing node.js through apt. But this way you will install version 6.

My way of installing node.js is through nvm

here are the steps to install nvm

Step 1 : Downoad and install NVM

curl | bash

Step 2: Restart the shell

You can just restart the shell or you can type this command

source ~/.profile

Now you can install Node.js

here are the nvm command to install Node.js

in nvm node is an alias for the latest version

The first version installed becomes the default. New shells will start with the default version of node.

nvm list
# list all the installed versions of nodejs

nvm ls-remote
# list all the versions available to be installed

nvm install node 
# installs the latest version

nvm install 6.14.4 # or 10.10.0, 8.9.1, etc
# this installs a specific version

nvm use <version_number>
# This will use the current version number in the current shell

nvm unistall <version_number>
# uninstall a version

# ### Here is how you can change the version which will be used in any new shell by default
nvm alias default <version_number> 
# EG : nvm alias default 14.15.1

# now the shel will start with node 14 by default 

# ### check the node version in use 
node --version

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