Modules in Python

Modules in Python

Creating Modules

As our program grows we should split our code across multiple files. We refer to each file as a module. A module should contain related data, functions, and objects.

def calc_tax():

def calc_shipping():

Importing a module

Now we can import those functions to this file.

# import
from sales import calc_tax

# use it

# ==============================

# import multiple functions 
from sales import calc_tax, calc_shipping

# ==============================

# import everything 
from sales import *

another way of importing

# import
import sales 

# use

Even if we imported only one function then also the entire module needs to be loaded.

Compiled Python Files

When we will compile the file using the command python then python will create a folder names __pycache__

In this folder, there will be a compiled version of the module that you just imported in the file.

This is done to speed up compilation. And this will speed up the loading of the module.

This will not speed up the performance of the program. is not cached because the entry file is always recompiled.

Module Search Path

If the python compiler does not find the module in the current folder then it will search for the file in a bunch of predefined folders.

The built in modules like sys are kept in these folders.


Packages are used if the file that we want to use is inside a sub folder.

The folder structure looks like this.


We can not do this -

# we can not do this 
from ./ecommerce/sales import tax

We have to create a file in the ecommerce folder. When we create this file then python will think of this folder as a package.

A package is a folder that contains one or more modules.

So a module is a file and a package is a folder.

The file is empty.

Untitled 1.png

Now you can import and use it in three ways

# way 1
import ecommerce.sales

# =========================
# way 2 
from ecommerce.sales import tax, sales


# =========================
# way 3
import sales from ecommerce


Now we have to create another file in the sub folder also

Our folder structure is like this

Untitled 2.png now import like this

from import sales

Intra Package Reference

This simply means, using one package into another package.

Untitled 3.png

In our sales modules, we want to use the contact module.

we can use absolute import

from ecommerce.customer import contact

we can use relative import

from ../customer import contact

The dir Function

This function will give us all the functions that are defined in a module

from import sales 


some functions such as__name__ , __package__ , etc are already defined for us.


These functions give us the file name of the module,
the package name and the address of the module 

The name of the module that starts our program is always __main__

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